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It came to pass in the 67th year of Queen ?'s  rule, that Off-Landers walked on the forgotten soil once again. 



As you all know there is a hideous stormfront in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, a ever lasting storm that never subsides or slows down.


So begins the saga in my mind. A fictional story that takes place on a fantasy Earth.


For some time now I've been trying to write a story that is nagging in my mind. However, I never seem to be able to reach beyond the hump in my mind to get the story to move forward. THe lay of the land is more or less fixed. The structure of the societies and the hierchy are also rather clear in my mind. However the races, names and the totality of the story are drifting in my mind, so I've decided to tell the tale here.


The main story is about a land forgotten by the human race, due to a mysterious storm that is raging in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Some people believe it has a great mystical power and they have created various cults around it. Others are trying to find a scientific reason for its existence. The only thing the humans know about the storm is this. "If you enter the storm from the ocean, the sky or even beneath the sea level, you will not return in one piece, or at least the vehicle will not be in one piece." You can consider yourself lucky if you actually survive the encounter with the storm.








Map and story updated.



Blog created for feedback